House of Brands

Beach Hut Bar

"Grab, Drink, and Go!" A Boracay adventure wouldn't be complete without tasting

Beach Hut Bar's favorites!Choose from their wide selection of drinks, with or without alcohol.

Cool down with their tasty cocktails: Margarita, Classic Mojito, Mango Sunset Mojito, Strawberry Yogurt Rush, Chocnut Gaga, and Rum Cola. Or savor the fruity yummy taste of their smoothies: Mango Strawberry Surprise, Choco Loco, Choco Banana Shake, Mango Strawberry Shake, Mango Shake, and Banana Shake.

ll drinks come in eye-catching tall and slim tumblers that you can bring home as your souvenir. Perfect way to cool down while watching the sun set, or tote it around while dancing the night away!